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  1. Hi all,

    The ready to run Baldwin Gas mechanical is now progressing and a couple of photos are included below, still required are resin castings, Louvres and cab interior. Models will be built to order by Bernard Snoodyk of the Model Works Australia. Expressions of interest welcome at this stage,






  2. Hi all,

    A few more M00a kits available and a new 1:32 scale Loco driver figure.

    Just waiting on a revised etch for the Bowser wagon to arrive and completion of instructions, should not be too long now. Thanks to all those who have expressed an interest.

    Ransomes and Rapier loco is progressing and will hopefully be released later this year.


    More updates coming soon.





  3. Hi all,

    Next up are some ready made turnouts,



    Points mark 3 03


    'Points' of note,

    Example shown is a non-insulated for RCBP operation. These points will also be available as fully insulated for conventional DC operation.

    The ties are profiled PCB to the correct size for industrial steel style;

    Motors are 3v at 50rpm for slow operation.  These can be operated either with a battery or DC power.  Motor installation is standard with each point;

    The switch stand is decorative insofar that it does not (and cannot) operate the point blades.  However the switch stand does operate prototypically with full movement connected to the throw bar.   

    ·     The MDF board is not supplied with the points.  There is only a small pad under the point motor (shown in a grey colour).  The points are supplied in skeleton format with the point fully complete, rails soldered to ties, point motor in position with 2 wire tails for power connection, and switch stand assembled & installed.

    Turn out radius / angle is standardised to match 600mm track catalogue standards.  However curved or differing turnout angles can be supplied to order.  I will also produce points to match the customers’ track plan ready for installation.

    Price will be BGP 56.00 per unit complete with motor & switch stand.  Standard units (left & right) ex stock.

    Note that these will be manufactured by Bernard Snoodyk of the Model Works Australia, postage will additional and calculated from Australia,


    Will be added to shop soon,


    M00a will be available in the next week or so, very limited stocks and not available to pre order, please check back regularly,







  4. Hi all,

    A couple of photo's of a set of 1:35 Parlour Cars, not available as kits but please let me know if you are intrested in ready built versions,


    parlour car 9


    parlour car 11


    Due to severl requests we will also releasing the braked and unbraked Skip 'chassis only' as kits. This will allow you to scratch build whatever structure or wagon you require, available soon,







    Hi All,

    Breaking news!!!!  Coming soon, a new 1:35 scale logging wagon!!


    These models have been completed from the test etches and have been built and pained by Bernard Snoodyk. The kit uses the chassis and wheels from the skip wagons released earlier this year.

    The kit will consist of etched brass components and white metal castings for the axle bearings, price to be announced but will be similar to the skips.


    Please let me know if intrested to give an idea of how many kits to produce, ready to run versions will also be available from Bernard Snoodyk of the Model Works ,Australia.