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  1. Hi all,

    A few pics of possible kits for the future, the first being  a scaled-down version of the US Army WWI tank car. This has been modified slightly to use our standard skip frames as a wagon to run behind the Baldwin 35Hp loco.

     couple more for the Blog IMG_0396[1] 


    The next is a small welding/tool wagon based upon our skip frame chassis.
    Please let us know if you would like to see these as kits, if we recieve enough intrest and they appear popular enough, they will be produced in the near future,
    All for now,


  2. Hi all,

    A quick update re the ready to run Baldwin and Decauville locos,

     Baldwin 1  Baldwin 2

    As can be seen there has been significant progress on the Baldwin and the patterns will be cast soon, a few adjustments are required of the etches but not far off now.


    The Decauville has been delayed and hopefully will be ready around March or April 2016, again patterns are being cast now.

    Further updates to follow,




  3. Hi all,

    A quick update,

    Patterns for the castings of the forthcoming Ransomes and Rapier 20hp and Baldwin should be completed soon, we also have a 7mm (O Gauge) version of the MD2 underway which will be  available in the next few weeks.

    You can now pay by Visa MasterCard, Amex etc without having to go through PayPal,

    All for now, more updates soon,




  4. Hi all,

    Sorry for lack of updates lately due to holidays and work commitments.

    The Baldwin is still underway and the patterns for the castings are being prepared as I write this, progress should be back on track soon.

    Further updates and photos over the next few weeks.